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5 Reasons Why the iPhone 5 is Awesome

posted by Rath
5 Reasons Why the iPhone 5 is Awesome

Apple has officially unveiled the latest generation of iPhone to the public. While the iPhone sticks to the tested form and design that has made the iPhone one of the leading smartphones available, it does offer plenty of new power and features to those interested in upgrading. Hands-on access to the phone and recent Apple press releases have unveiled a wealth of features. While there are plenty of reasons to get in line for the new iPhone 5, these five reasons top the list of improvements.

iPhone 5 LTE

4G LTE Capabilities

The world of mobile broadband has changed drastically in the short time the iPhone has been in existence. With support for 4G LTE data connections, the iPhone 5 takes mobile web browsing, downloads, streaming media, video chat and other web-enabled features to the next level. While only a few major carriers will support 4G access at release, other carriers are expected to gain access quickly.

iPhone 5 Retina Display

Improved Retina Display

While the pixel density and contrast levels are identical to the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 is adding one-half inch to dimensions of the screen. This also provides a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio for improved viewing of video without the need for black bars or image stretching. This brings the iPhone franchise in line with some of its biggest competitors and offers more screen real estate for your apps than ever before.

iPhone 5 iSight Camera

Improved Front and Rear Cameras

Whether you are chatting with friends over Facetime or taking pictures around town, the new optics on the iPhone 5 offer substantial improvements over earlier models. The front facing camera features a 1.2 megapixel sensor capable of capturing video in silky smooth 720p. While the rear camera offers the same 8 megapixel rating of the iPhone 4 and 4S, the improved sapphire crystal cover, enhanced sensors and iOS 6 image processing capabilities result in an obvious improvement in both response time and image quality.


Powerful Processing

While Apple is keeping the specifics about the new A6 processor a secret, the difference is immediately noticeable when compared to the iPhone 4S. Multitasking is smoother, apps launch faster and the phone feels much more responsive overall. Paired with the new iOS 6 and 4G LTE support, the iPhone 5 out performs the iPhone 4S on nearly every level.

iPhone 5 Battery Life

Extended Battery Life

With all the new power and features, one might expect the battery life to suffer. This simply is not the case. Web browsing, talk time and media playback all offer times similar to the iPhone 4S. In standby, the iPhone 5 manages to squeeze an extra 25 hours out the battery for a total of 225 standby hours. In most cases, the iPhone 5 will offer plenty of battery life to get you through the day on a single charge.

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  • The iPhone 5 is great, except for several major issues. The biggest impacts the functionality of the WIFI reception. That appears to be a problem with software not hardware. The huge problem now is the fact that the rear camera allows NIR into the CCD sensor. This appears to be the direct result of using Sapphire Glass as a cover material.

    Apple refuses to accept that it’s not users that are to blame.

  • Riiiight , I have an iphone 5 and if I could I’d trade it for a samsung

  • They could release iShit next and the sheep would flock to it and pay top dollar. This is old news, and the phone releases are making minimal improvements over the previous releases at best. I hope Blackberry wins back a lot of users because the Z10 kicks the hell out of the iPhone hands down!

  • What a lame article about the crappy phone!
    Hope Apple paid them millions to throw away their dignity… LOL

  • odd, no apple fanboys commenting…

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