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New Gadgets To Enhance Your Lover’s Valentines Day

posted by Rath
New Gadgets To Enhance Your Lover’s Valentines Day

Tech gadgets are always a big hit for holidays.  Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Men and women both enjoy new electronic devices that will either make their life easier, or give them some enjoyment.  Below is five examples of gift ideas that anyone can give to their lover.

Logitech K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard

•    Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 works without a battery.  This gadget can work inside or out for up to three months after solar charged.  The keyboard connects automatically by using the wireless receiver.  This particular gadget is one of the many items that Logitech produces.  The solar keyboard will save a lot of money because it runs on energy from the sun, not batteries that you purchase.

Crux360 Bluethooth Keyboard Case

•    The Crux360 Case allows people to use their iPads in a variety of ways.  The case gives the owner a keyboard to make it more like a laptop when documents are a need.  It helps to protect the iPad from damages such as scratches.  This case also helps someone that enjoys watching movies or playing games.  With this case, it is possible to have many different uses for your iPad. The keyboard is Bluetooth so it is very easy to send documents online and to social media sites.  This case helps to protect the iPad while providing convenient keyboard or propping up.  This is a fantastic technological invention for anyone that has difficulty using a keyboard on their iPad.


Livescribe Echo Smartpen (8 GB)

•    The Live scribe Echo Smart pen is the perfect pen for people on the go.  This pen is a recorder and has memory storage.  Take the pen along to use in college and record lectures for listening or reviewing later.  There is a connector that will allow these notes or audio sessions to be saved on your android or computer.  James Bond looking, the smart pen is small enough to take anywhere.  It can slide into the pocket and record hands free.  Students, businessmen, sales people, and detectives are going to love this techno gadget.

The Awall Aframe

•    The Awall Aframe combines pictures and sound to a custom frame.  The speakers allow music to be spilled out of the frame by using a Bluetooth receiver.  Display the favorite art or photograph and incorporate music or sounds to give your photos a story telling feel.  Families enjoy the ability to add music to their favorite slide show or still pictures.  Everyone will love the frame that plays background music.

Tap 2 Pass

•    Blue tooth garage opener works with your overhead garage opener to simply open the garage door.  It is high tech and digital.  This secure remote application works on smartphone and allows for free secure remote security.  Men and women will enjoy the ability to open their garage by using their very own android or smartphone without leaving the comfort of their automobile.

Every day, new inventions or technology enters the world of sales.  The wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend will be excited and thrilled with a new gadget for Valentine’s Day.  Keep away from the chocolate and give your lover something that will be a conversation starter and make life a little easier.

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